Seini embarks on a Diploma in Hospitality!

Thursday, June 13th, 2019

Seini Rambuka is 20 years old and the daughter of Vatemo.

Vatemo was a patient in the leprosy ward at Twomey Hospital in 2004 (twice) and again in 2014 and has disabilities relating to leprosy.  Thanks to your generosity, the Foundation has been able to help with the cost of school fees for Seini. 

The family moved from their village of Matokana, Navosa to give their children better access to education and now live with Vatemo’s wife’s family near Ba.  

Vatemo brought Seini to talk to Kathey Foi, our field supervisor in Fiji.  Seini wants to study for a Diploma in Hospitality at the Fiji National University campus in Nadi.  Vatemo didn’t know much about tertiary studies and was anxious that the Foundation might not be able to help.  The course which Seini is taking is an excellent choice as it will give her many employment opportunities in Fiji.  She will also be helped with advice from Kathey and Anisa Nasome if she needs it during the year. 

We look forward to bringing you news of her success.

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