Jenny (left) with her parents Isaac and Verongi, proudly showing off her Diploma after the graduation ceremony

Jenny (left) with her parents Isaac and Verongi, proudly showing off her Diploma after the graduation ceremony.

Jenny Usi is the youngest of the three children in the family – all of whom have been helped through their education by the Pacific Leprosy Foundation.  Jenny has qualified in Hospitality and Tourism, and following a short stint at Mangoes Resort in Vanuatu, she now works on a cruise ship which travels all round the Pacific.

Jenny is very proud to be able to send some money to help her parents with their expenses.  Jenny’s brother, Rex, works in physiotherapy at Santo Hospital, and Meriam is just graduating with a business and accounting diploma.

Matilda’s Thank You Letter

Matilda Buto on her graduation day

Matilda Buto on her graduation day.

Hello everyone, my name is Matilda Buto and I come from West Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.  As a student I am one of the privileged to be sponsored by Pacific Leprosy Foundation through my father who is a leprosy client.  My father’s name is Mando Lupadavu.

The Foundation has really supported my family in terms of school fees.  From 2003 to 2008 during my high school days, from form 1 – 7, I was sponsored by the Pacific Leprosy Foundation through the Community Based Rehabilitation unit in Solomon Islands who assisted my father to have access to this school fee support.   Upon my successful studies in secondary education I was awarded a Solomon Islands Government scholarship to do Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Management & Public Administration and Land Use  Planning  in which I successfully completed degree course this year in June 2012 and join in the graduation day on 14 September 2012 which was held here in Honiara, Solomon Islands. 

As a successful graduate I would like to thank Pacific Leprosy Foundation for all your support towards my father’s family,  which in return I did benefit and achieve my dreams to complete school, graduate and earn my living to support my father.

I would like to thank our Solomon Islands Government who continued support for me.  Now I am back in the country to serve the people of Solomon Islands and at the same time my family.  I would also like to thank my father (Mando Lupadavu) for his encouraging words that kept  his children striving for success. 

THANK YOU VERY MUCH Pacific Leprosy Foundation for always making grants available to meet my school fees; without your assistance I would not have achieved my dreams.  Thank you, too, to the many people who give to the Foundation to make its work possible.  May God continue to successfully bless your work in all aspects of life. 

Our work also includes  leprosy control, medical treatment, housing, income generation and welfare.