New Zealand

Map of New ZealandMost people are very surprised to hear that we have cases of leprosy in New Zealand.  

Once contracted, leprosy takes a long time (an average of 5-8 years) to develop to a stage where it is visible and able to be diagnosed. For that reason, some people move to New Zealand with no idea that they are suffering from leprosy.  

Misileti Webster

Misileti Webster

Once they have been diagnosed, they can be treated and within a few days of starting treatment there is no possibility of them passing on the infection.

Misileti (pictured left) ensures that current and former leprosy patients in Auckland are looking after their health, managing any disabilities they have and she also checks on their general welfare.  The Foundation helps with transport to medical appointments, subsidises electricity costs and gives education grants for children.

We also work in Samoa, Tonga, Vanuatu, FijiKiribati and the Solomon Islands.