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06 March 2024

Progress for Tony in Samoa

Progress for Tony in Samoa

Tony Lavea was first diagnosed with leprosy back in 2001 and treated at the national hospital.

As a result of his leprosy, he developed a plantar ulcer in 2016 and eventually had to have his right leg amputated in 2017.After being diagnosed with leprosy, Tony was discriminated against by his own family. He was given a piece of land with a decaying open fale to live in, far from his family. This fale was termite infested and had a leaky roof. The land had no access to water or electricity and was prone to intrusions by cows and pigs.

Tony's old fale

With your help, the Foundation built a new open fale for Tony and his family and arranged for water and electricity connections. A fence was put around the property to stop animals from coming in and destroying his veggie garden.

The new fale which was completed before the old one was removed

Recently, the Foundation bought tarpaulins for the house which are needed in the wet season when weather conditions can be very challenging. Tarpaulins are frequently used to roll down in rainy weather, then they can be rolled away again, when the weather improves, allowing the breeze to blow through giving natural “air conditioning”.

The new tarpaulins will keep the rain out in stormy weather

Tony has been suffering from various medical issues for years. He has a herniated disk in his lower back which restricts his movements. He also has neck and shoulder problems. These problems were partially caused by a mis-fitting prosthetic leg, and the need to use crutches.

Until recently, Tony has been going to the physiotherapy clinic at the hospital for physio and traction. He has made some progress and is now in less pain than previously. Tony has learned how to cope with his physical condition but is always very cautious whenever doing any physical activity.

Tony really appreciates the help and support that the Foundation has given him over the years. The quality of his life has been enhanced tremendously and he and his family are now living a life with dignity and respect.