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Last Writes

A few years ago, the mother of my close friend passed away very suddenly; she was only in her early seventies, her name was Gem.  Naturally it was a huge shock to her family who were thrown into turmoil.  As they searched Gem’s desk for the information they needed about her affairs, they found a notebook.  In the notebook were full instructions for what to do in the event of her death – all the contacts which needed to be made, where her will was kept, and what funeral arrangements she would like.  However, this notebook didn’t only contain practical information.  It contained Gem’s thoughts – about her life, about her children and grandchildren, memories, small items she wanted her grandchildren to have, and messages to them all.

The notebook gave such comfort to Gem’s family, and the reassurance of knowing that the arrangements that they were making were what she really wanted, not just what they hoped she wanted.

Gem’s daughter, in collaboration with a friend, was inspired to create “Last Writes” as a way for people to organise their final wishes, closing reflections and a lasting legacy.   It is a beautiful book – so much more than a notebook, it is a personal journal and family keepsake.  

We hope it will inspire you to create a treasured final gift for your family and friends.  All proceeds from our sale of this book will benefit families affected by leprosy in the South Pacific.